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Yang Jongwook X Hwang Hyeran:

Presentation 2

2021.07.04. Sun 1-3pm
무료//Free Event




Work Room is space for participating artists to confront their ideas and artistic practices in a workshop setting. Participants develop existing projects or simply interrogate an idea in the spirit of experimentation and sharing. Workshops conclude with a public outcome.


Yang Jong-wook and Hwang Hye-ran continue to have periodic conversations about 'the meaning of performance' and 'an 'actor's body', comparing and contrasting the guiding principles in their respective journeys as performers. After a demonstration from each artist there will be a conversation with the audience.


Vocalization and Possibility of Speech 2 / Yang Jongwook

Attaching an utterance to fragments of an utterance and paying attention to the interactive experience between the performer and the audience.


Body as Archives 2 _ Funeral and Weeping / Hwang Hye-ran

Hwang Hye-ran looks at her 20-year work in TUIDA, under the title <Body as an Archive>. The fragments and systems left on the body are explored with the keywords of 'funeral' and 'crying'.



Yang Jongwook is a member of Yangson Project.


Hwang Hyeran is a performer with Performance Group TUIDA, and since 2021, has been conducting research, workshops, and residencies on performance, actors and creation in 'TUIDA Lab'.