Work Room | You In My Eyes
문화다방 이상한 앨리스 / Theater company WONDER Alice
2019.07.09. Tue. 8pm
13+//60 min//무료 / Free Event




Facilitated by our Programming Director, Kang-hee Jeon, Work Room connects artists who are interested in sharing and confronting their ideas and artistic practices with each-other and finally, with an audience. Participating artists share a work in progress in group sessions where they present, discuss and develop their projects in relationship to other artists and in individual sessions developing their projects privately. The aim of the Work Room is to interrogate artistic practices in an environment of experimentation and sharing.




Have you ever wished, as you read a play, a novel or a poem, for the story to unfold in front of your eyes, so that you can hear, touch and smell it?


This exploratory performance will be a collaborative reading, with the audience, of the graphic novel Dans Mes Yeux by Bastien Vivès. The work began with the question: can a synesthetic reading become a performance? The performance will explore if time spent reacting to each other within an environment provided by the artists can be a performance in itself.




Director Yoon Sabina

Producer Lim Mil

Visual Supervisor Lee Eui Haeng

Musical Director Bae Hyun Jung

Performers Kim Min Hye, Shin So Young, Hong Ji In, Lee Dong Gun, Lee Jin Chui

Media Artist Riley O'Neill

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