Work Room | Questions
프로젝트 이인  / PROJECT YYIN
2019.07.09. Tue. 3pm & 7pm
13+//60 min//무료 / Free Event



Facilitated by our Programming Director, Kang-hee Jeon, Work Room connects artists who are interested in sharing and confronting their ideas and artistic practices with each-other and finally, with an audience. Participating artists share a work in progress in group sessions where they present, discuss and develop their projects in relationship to other artists, and in individual sessions developing their projects privately. The aim of the Work Room is to interrogate artistic practices in an environment of experimentation and sharing.



The works of Generalkunst are mainly concerned with audience participation where the audience listens and reacts to specific questions transmitted through headphones. The company has been exploring the premise of ‘a performance without a performer’ and examining if the performance score that guides the audience members to unfold the story on their own, can be effectively realized.


Project YYIN’s research responds to the idea of the ‘passive’ audience and asks the following questions: “Is audience participation always beneficial?” and “How do we choreograph the audience?” 


The two teams will share and experiment with their respective questions in search of conceptual answers.




Concept Lee Hyeryung

Co- creation Lee Hyeryung, Rha Si Nae, Choi Ki Sub

Performers Choi Ki Sub, Kwon Lyon Eun, Rha Si Nae

Production Ha Eunbeen, Park Sun MI

Sound Rayin


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