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Doomed Strike Under the Burning Big Top


In and Out of the One

2021.06.30-07.03. Wed-Sat 7.30pm
15+//100 min//20,000 won

A group of itinerant clowns wander in search of their own theatre and come upon a temporary shelter on the edge of town. They set up a tent on the vacant lot, the kind where they used to hang out before the high rises went up. Next to their tent they construct makeshift dwellings and gather around. They begin to clown around on the construction site and on the street before moving inside the tent where they continue their antics. They appear like a group of performing bears who have been trained to do tricks on command.


The performance begins which for these ‘bears’ will be both a form of protest and a rest.



If you could look at 'one' as a world.

We make performances in and out of the world we live in, in and out of theatres and far and beyond the performing arts.

We want to meet the audience with the power that moves inside and outside of the room together on one stage and with an energy that moves like a circle.


'In and out of the one' is the name of an ongoing theatrical project and a theme that runs through our work.


Bears So-min Kwak, Hyun-jung Kim, Han-seon Yeom, Ok-soon Lee, Yang-heon Song, Sang-hyeon Seo, Su-jin Choi, Yun-kyung Huh

Business Manager Kim Jin

Ringmaster Won Ji-Young 

Drama Director Chae Min

Managing Director Huh Yun-kyung

Device Development Marine Boy

Design Kim Hye-won

Lighting Go Gwi-kyung

Drawing Ahn Ji-in

Music Society of the Spectacle/songs by Edith Piaf, Felix Kubin, Steve Reich, Muriël Bostdorp, Ho Bae, and Choi Yang-Rak.

Stage Manager Jang Hansae 

Recorded by Yoon So-hee

Accoustics Hyunsuk Lee

Lighting Assistant Kim Ye-seul

Stage crew Oh Tae-kwang

Lighting crew Eom Seong-hyun

Video recording Ahn Ji- in (Imageteller)  

Outside eyes Kim Jeong-yeop, Kim Ji-hye, Choi Bong-min

Assistants Kim Yong-jae, Lee Chang-seop


Some seats will be cushions on the floor so please wear comfortable clothes.


A conversation with the audience will be held after the performance on July 2nd.


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