SMTF / Feminism Festival Talk
2019.07.09. Tue. 2pm
무료 // Free Event // No bookings required
서울연극센터  SeoulTheaterCenter
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Seoul Marginal Theater Festival and Feminism Theatre Festival share some similarities.


Both festivals are non-government organisations.

Both festivals are interested in minority perspectives.

They both occur in the middle of Seoul's hot and humid midsummer.

This year the two festivals will join to co-host a forum entitled 'Queering the Theatre !'. Although the term ‘queer’ is not yet a familiar word in Korea, it is not difficult to find artists working in this space. The forum will be moderated by Programming Director, Jeon Kang-hee and Feminism Festival dramaturg, Chang Jiyoung, and comprise three panels made up of artists and producers.




Queer Theater Festival Team with Lim Sung Hyun (Director, Kungjjak Project)

Lee Ri (Performer, This Is Theater Definitely) with Oh Su Hwan (Writer, Byung Society)

Jeremy Neideck (Director/Performer from Australia) with Park Young Hee (Director/Performer, Jambox Theatre Company)