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A Study on the Directing and Acting Techniques of Bertolt Brecht's Alienation Effect - Focusing on COVID19 

Seongbukdong Beedoolkee Theatre 
2021.07.07-10. Wed-Fri 8pm. Sat 3pm
16+//70 min//20,000 won
뚝섬 플레이스 TookSomePlays

Brecht’s “Alienation” is not just a theory or a theatrical methodology anymore. It has become part of our daily life making inevitable the question of what theatre is and how to do it. This project examines the sustainability of human life including the possibility of doing theatre in the current situation of social paralysis due to the outbreak of a serious infectious disease – where ‘distancing’ is practiced. We look back to the beginning of the virus and human irresponsibility and share with audiences our effort to prevent a recurrence through theatrical play.



As new developments went up on Seongbuk-dong Mountain 

the original pigeons of Seongbuk-dong have lost their home.

(Kim Kwang-seop, Seongbuk-dong Pigeon Theatre)


Trends in contemporary Korean theatre can be divided broadly into two categories – a representative form that is faithful to text, and more conceptual performances. Seongbukdong Pigeons Theatre works on the boundary between the two - between inside the theatre and outside of the theatre, constantly questioning theatrical language and experimenting, while fiercely pursuing a kind of pure theatrical spirit. Their work attempts to ‘perform’ extreme form of experimentation within the boundaries of ‘theatre’.


Founded in 2005, the group aims to inspire a theatrical spirit that stands against the wave of commercialisation and standardization of contemporary theatre - like the pigeons of Seongbuk-dong that have survived modern urbanization. In particular, the work focuses on dismantling/reconstructing classical works.



Creation, Directing, Art-Work Kim Hyun-tak

Technical Supervisor Seo Ji-won

Production Director Dae-Hyun Ji

Assistant Director Hyeong-woo Byeon

Stage Progress Boo Boo Young

Cast Seong Seok-ju, Kim Mi-ok, Cho Yong-eui, Park Bo-hyun, Choi Hae-yeon, Su-yeon Su-yeon, Han Byung-yoon, Kwak Young-hyun, Choi Min-hyuk, Hyeon Chae-ah, Jeong Seo-hyun




Admission will be two minutes before the show begins.


A conversation with the audience will take place after the performance on 10th July.