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A Study on the Directing and Acting Techniques of Bertolt Brecht  for Alienation Effect - Focusing on COVID19 

Seongbukdong Beedoolkee Theatre 
2019.07.10-13. Wed-Fri 8pm. Sat 7pm
15+//60 min//20,000 won

Brecht's ``Distance'' was actually settled next to us as a daily life rather than a theatrical theory or implementation method. In this era, the question of what a play is and what to do with it has become inevitable. It made me look at the sustainability of human life, including the possibility of performing. Based on that question, in the current situation of social paralysis caused by a serious infectious disease outbreak –

In reality, distance is practiced-looking back at the beginning of the virus and human irresponsibility, and trying to share efforts to prevent recurrence through theatrical fun.



As a new bungee was created in Seongbuk-dong,

Only the pigeon in Seongbuk-dong, where the original lived, has disappeared.

(Kim Kwang-seop, among pigeons in Seongbuk-dong)


 The trends of contemporary Korean theater can be broadly divided into two categories-drama-representative plays that are faithful to dramas, and performances that focus on conceptual work. However, the theater company Seongbuk-dong Pigeongi, on the boundary between the two, that is, between the play and the outside of the play, continues experimenting with endless questions of theatricality, while also fiercely pursuing the pure theatrical spirit. In short, it is to'perform' the most extreme form of experiment within the boundary of'theatrical'.

Founded in 2005, like the pigeons in Seongbuk-dong that survived modern urbanization, this theater aims to inspire theatricality against the commercialization and standardization of contemporary theater. In particular, he mainly works to dismantle/reconstruct classical works.


Creation, Directing, Art_Work Kim Hyun-tak

Technical Supervisor Seo Ji-won

Production Director Dae-Hyun Ji

Assistant Director Hyeong-woo Byeon

Stage Progress Boo Boo Young

Cast Seong Seok-ju, Kim Mi-ok, Cho Yong-eui, Park Bo-hyun, Choi Hae-yeon, Su-yeon Su-yeon, Han Byung-yoon, Kwak Young-hyun, Choi Min-hyuk, Hyeon Chae-ah, Jeong Seo-hyun



Admission 2 minutes before


Conversation with audience ??


Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture