I'm the church

JEONG Se Young
2021.07.07-09. Wed-Fri 5.30,6.30,7.30pm
13+//30 min//10,000 won


From a dark theatre to a bright theatre

In the theatre it is easy to artificially mask information in order to focus the audience’s perspective in the direction the artist requires. This method has been exploited as a tool of propaganda and agitation. There have been many artists though, through various methods, that have tried to convey a choice of viewpoints to the audience.


The rapid expansion of AR/VR/streaming/SNS/like spaces has brought significant changes to how performances are made. In particular, much of the initiative for 'what to see?' has been transferred to audiences and algorithms, regardless of the intention of the artist.


​This work, I'm the church, is an attempt to see how the freedom of movement of the audience works within the traditional theatre grammar. And through this, to question the role and form of theatre in the future.




Jeong Se Young is interested in the media-spatial characteristics of performance and the relationship between the audience and the theatre.



Direction/Script Jeong Se Young

Sound Design Kim Seong-hwan

VR Lee Jinhyeong

Spatial Modeling Superellipse Studio (Jeong Hyun , Um Da-in, Park So-eun)

VR Performers Lee Shinsil, Seo Jaeyoung, Jeong Se Young