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Disaster Diary:
Death of a Theatre Maker
HONG Sa-bin
2021.07.06-07. Tue-Wed 8pm. 
13+//55 min//20,000 won

With the help of an AI speaker, Disaster Diary is a documentary style performance that ruminates on a 25 year old tragedy experienced by theatre maker and performer Hong Sa-bin. The work is an attempt to approach more objectively the pure feeling of mourning by using various objects and a recorded AI speaker as a performer.​



Member of Project Empty Space.


As an actor and creator, Hong Sa-bin is interested in making performances within an ensemble without hierarchies or fixed roles. Recently he has been interested in documentary theatre and lecture-performances and following the key phrase ‘empty space’. He rejects linear dramatic structures in favour of extending theatrical imagination.


2021. Composition/Direction of the music play <In Red Hair>, selected by Sanullim Classical Theater (Scheduled for 21.0818-0829)

2021. Invitation of artist to the 20th Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival, Writer/Director/Performer (21.07)

2021. Goyang Cultural Foundation Digital Theatre Selection – Multidisciplinary Art <A, Child> Director/Performer (21.0625-0627)

2021. Yeonhui Arts Theatre, Mosaic Festival Reading Play <The Principle of Cleaning> Re-creation/Direction (21.0515-0516)

2021. Miarigogae Arts Theatre Creative Platform MAP Selection Space Support Group (21.05~)


2021. National Theatre Company's repertoire <Cho orphan, Seed of Vengeance> Performer _ Jo orphan

2020. National Theatre Company Youth Drama <Athletic Genius to the Toes> Actor _ Jung Min

2019. Participated in the work development of the Korean Academy of Arts and Creativity Youth Drama Workshop


Writer/Director/Performer Hong Sa-bin

Dramaturg Yoo Yeo On

Directing Department Kim Seung-cheol, Kwon Do-gyun

Sinographer Dongwook Koh

Video Designer Song Jeong-eun

Stage Designer Seol Ye-jun

Lighting Supervisor Eunsong Lee

Lighting designer Hyejin Lee

Composer Shim Jun-bo

Sound Designer Wonman Lee

Sound Operator Jung Kwang-soo

Stage Manager Choi Jeong-hwan

Assistant Director Kim So-yi



A conversation with the audience will take place after the performance on 6th July.


Miarigogae Arts Theatre