Theatre of Miniature Spaces
2019.07.07-08. Sun 4pm/Mon 8pm
7+//45 min//20,000 KRW

As a body spends time in a space, touching certain parts of it, the story of that space accumulates within the body. The body becomes a map containing traces of the spaces it has inhabited. Temporary maps are impressed upon the body in a simultaneous process of accumulation and erasure. This performance assumes the performance space as a dance in itself and examines the possible relationships between the body of the performer, the body witnessing the performance, and the body of the theatre which contains them both.  


Hur Yunkyung is a choreographer and performer.  She graduated from Yonsei University, Dept of Mass Communication, and KARTS School of Dance, where she developed her perspective to body, movement and the world. Her inquiry into the possibility of empathy between bodies frames her interest in exploring diverse stage languages.

Recent Residencies


New York Movement Research Exchange - Seoul Dance Center Space RED Exchange Choreographer (2019. 1)

Art Omi: Dance, Resident Artist (NY, US/2018. 7. ~ 8.)


Major Works – As choreographer and performer

Theatre of Miniature Spaces (2018-2019), Quiet, Wherever (2017-2019), Daily Life Translator (2018), Space-ship (2016-2017)


Major Works (Selection) – As performer only

Kang Jin Ahn, Kong Yeon Hwa, Kim Min Jung, Kim Sung Wan, Bae Ki Tae, Seulki and Min, Shin Ye Seul, Shin Jin Young, Shim Woo Sup, Oh Min, Lee Sin Sil, Lee Yang Hee, Lee Young Woo, Lee Tae Hun, Chang Tae Sun, Chung Kwang Jun, Joseph Pungsang, Han Moon Kyung, Hur Yunkyung, Hong Cho Sun, (2018), Smile Habitat Body (2018), Movement Moving Moving Movement (2018), Three World Paths (2018), Flowing Chunggae (2018), Transpixel Movement Workshop (2018), Tracers (2018), Rendez-vous at Galactic Empire (2018), Place of Breath (2017), Corpse Clothes (2016) and more.



Director, Choreographer, Performer Hur Yunkyung

Sound Designer Jimmy Sert

Lighting Designer Her Jae In

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