Festival Talk

Sensibility of the Body in an Expanding Reality
2021.07.04. Sun 4pm 
무료 // Free Event // Bookings required


Today, as the metaverse becomes another ‘world’ the 'reality' experienced by the human body is rapidly changing and expanding on many layers. Interactions in virtual reality coupled with everyday online communication are changing the experience and method of the ‘encounter’ giving new senses and concepts to the human body-experience. Moreover, the 'extended reality' of the climate crisis raises significant questions about the relationship between humans, the environment and the non-human. Do we need to physically exist in the one space to meet? Relying on carbon fuel to travel, do we need to meet, tour, create a show or expand our business? What does it mean to meet each other? How do these historical and environmental changes affect the sense of the body as a human subject, can humans still be subjective in the process, and how are they expanding and/or reducing the human body? Come and join the conversation around these questions and more with our panel drawn from a range of fields and perspectives. 


Lee Ji-hyung

Ji-hyung, is a puppeteer and puppet-maker. He wants to move away from human-centered performances and create visual performances centered on puppets/dolls and objects. 


Kim Won Young 

Won Young is interested in law, disability, and performance. He has authored books such as A plea for the Disqualified and Becoming a Cyborg (co-author). He also wrote and performed in The Act on the Prevention of Discrimination in Love and Friendship and Struggle for Recognition: Artist's Edition.


Hur Yunkyung

Yunkyung works as a choreographer, dancer, and performer in a range of projects. Based on trust in the possibility of body-to-body empathy she is interested in discovering diversity in stage language. Currently, her work is focused on the body that exists as a point of view within various contexts, and the body as an integrated basic medium that can flexibly transform.


Jeong Se Young

A performance artist, Se Young is interested in the media-spatial characteristics of performance and the physical-social relationship between the audience and the theatre.


Dong-seon Jang 

Dong-seon received his master's and doctoral degrees in neuroscience and cognitive behaviour from the Max Planck Institute in Germany and is currently CEO of the Curious Brain Research Institute. He has served as the head of the future technology strategy team at Hyundai Motor Group and has appeared in several media broadcasts including Troublesome Jobs 2 and Occasionally Grown Up. is Known as a science knowledge communicator, he has written several books including There is Another Brain in the Brain and The Brain Wants to Dance. He is very interested in the future of human interaction where science, technology, and the performing arts meet.

Image from SMTF 2019 Festival Talk ⓒ Han Min Joo