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피치,롤,요 (pitch, roll, yaw)

JEONG Se Young
2019.07.10-13. Wed-Fri 8pm. Sat 7pm
15+//60 min//20,000 won

From a dark theater to a bright theater

Until now, theaters have been very easy to artificially block a lot of existing information and move the audience's perspective in the direction the subject of creation wants. Although this method has also been used as a tool of propaganda and agitation, many artists in theaters have tried to convey the choice of viewpoint to the audience through various attempts.

The rapid expansion of AR/VR/streaming/SNS/like spaces brought significant changes to the theater production. In particular, the initiative for'what to see?' has already been transferred to audiences and algorithms, regardless of the intention of the creator.

This work pitch, roll, yaw is an attempt to see how the freedom of movement of the audience works within the traditional theater/direction grammar. And through this, I would like to talk about the role and form of the theater in the future.




He is interested in various things happening in the theater. In particular, he actively accepts the media-spatial characteristics and works while thinking about the physical-social relationship that exists between the theater and the audience.



Direction, Design/VR Jeong Se Young

Sound Design Kim Seong-hwan

Spatial Modeling ???

Performers Lee Shinsil, Seo Jaeyoung




To be updated.


Conversation with the audience ???