Sintoburi, The Authentic Masterpiece
2019.7.10-12. Wed-Fri 8pm
13+//20,000 won

Sintoburi means “As the body and the land in which it was born cannot be separated, what comes from that land best suits the body born from it.”So, what is the ‘normative ideology of Korea’ that one must adapt to in order to live in Korea as a Korean born body? Answer. The ideology that promotes a normative body embodying the ‘Korean constitution’ and that aligns with the nationalist myth. This new work looks at Sintoburi in reverse by creating a little crack to make a space and a place for the non-normative body – putting bodies on the stage that do not align with the standardized ideology and that have not been provided with a secure sense of place.


Song Yi Won


2015 ‘Little Changkkola’ Series

  • Little Changkkola

  • Little Changkkola: Whole-person Education

2015-2017 ‘Labor-intensive Amusement’ Series

  • Labor-intensive Amusement 2016

  • Labor-intensive Amusement 2016: Recreation

  • + Labor-intensive Amusement 2017: Theme Park

  • Labor-intensive Amusement 2017

2018 - ‘Shintoburi’ Series (in progress)

  • Why Have Our Roots Become Feet?

  • An Absent Room

  • Shintoburi, Pieces


Bjung Society

Once my teacher told me that when there are two people gathered together it becomes a society. He read it in some book or something. Well then…when my neighbours Kab甲 from opposite me and my neighbours Eul乙 from next door were playing together, I thought their society might be a little boring for me so I joined them with cookies I baked and they said they wanted to play Kab-Eul game by themselves and if they left me out I would be bored and lonely and no one would play Catch-mind with me and no one would listen to me. So I looked into mirrors here and there and, Ah, I’m not alone.

And so, in this way, Bjung丙 like people will talk Bjung丙 stuff in a Bjung丙 way.



Director Song Yi Won

Assistant Director Son Young Kyu

Dramaturge Kim Jin Ah

Executive Designer Song Yi Won, Ahn Jung Min

Designer Council Bjung Society

Writers Song Yi Won, Oh Su Hwan, Heo Ji Woo

Performers Kwon Hyung Jun, Song Ha Neul, Yu Yi Deun

Producer Lee Sol

Set Designer Kim Jae Ran

Lighting Designer Lee Hye Ji

Sound Designer Morceau

Video/Document Noh Ji Yun

Stage Manager Park Jin Ah

Facilitator Hwang Jung Hyun


Q&A will follow  the performance on Thurs July 11th 8pm.

Visit Bjung Society's Facebook page

Twitter @bjung330




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