Take Me Apart
공놀이클럽 / ballplayclub
2019.7.03-04. Wed-Thu 8pm
7+//80 min//20,000 Won


Ballplayclub - a place where the apartment kids live, who, even though they were born and raised in apartments, cannot find a way to live in them.


It started with a dream as a community for the homeless, but as the facilities deteriorated, conflicts grew amongst the members, both petty and serious. Old friends started leaving after winning new apartment bids and reports of new apartment projects being built in the neighbourhood. Ballplayclub members gathered to come up with ideas, but no-one had anything to say. They had never really thought too much about where they live and what a house meant to them. And so, after some time and consideration, they decided to build a new apartment. And they are…they’re building it. A house where they can stay, where they can rest, where they can play, where they can live forever, where we can live together - a place we have never lived before.

Take Me Apart is a model house of the new apartment we are building. A changeable cube where we meet with you and build an imaginary community together. A house where we can, finally, live.  


ABOUT ballplayclub

“What do we need a ball for? Why do we need it?” from Ballplay by Lee Geun Hwa


I think once again of the ballplay. When I kicked the ball, it would soar like a lie. Like a lie, the sun would set. We never worried if it would break an apartment window, if the clothes would get dirty, if there were rusted nails on the ground. We followed the same ball but surprisingly all of us looked different. Each and all of us were defenseless. We were the kind who confesses everything. You may not remember, but we were. Yes. We know. That grown-ups don’t play ball. But when we realized the world interrupts the ballplay with all its might, we had no choice but to start the ballplay all over again. Recklessly we decided to believe in the ball rather than the world. Theatre is the grown-up’s ballplay. Theatre is the practice to believe in the ball. The practice to make the world into theatre. Once again, like a lie, the ball starts to roll. No, the universe rolls. A time never lived, a space that never existed, appears. The ball rolls to you.

Ballplayclub is…

A collaborative theatre platform based on an alternative imagination discovered through 'ballplay'. The collective consists of actors, designers and directors committed to the social responsibility of art, to exploring new performance aesthetics and discovering a kind of sensual novelty in the theatre. Their aim is to knock down the boundaries between stage and off-stage, between artists and audiences and between art and reality - like a bouncing ball. For a different time…



Performers Kang Hoon Gu, Kim Mu Nye, Kim Eun Ue, Lee Se Jun, Ju Hye Young

Director Kang Hoon Gu

Lighting Lee Kyung Eun

Sound YI JAE

Costumes ONDAL

Video Kwon Soon Hyun



Q&A will follow  the performance on Thurs July 4th 8pm.