Audience Critics
2019.07.13. Sat. 11am-3pm
참여 아티스트만 참가 가능 / Artist Only Event


The Audience Critics session will once again be an important part of the festival program. On the final Saturday of the festival, selected members of the audience will be invited to deliver their written critiques directly to our festival artists. These sessions give participating audience members the opportunity to partake in in-depth discussions with our programmed artists around a range of critical responses to the work. 


The Audience Critics program has been part of the festival since its first trial way back in 2004. It was established by the festival's former Artistic Director, Inza Lim, as a way to create a more critical dialogue between artists and audiences, and as a platform for young writers and critics to engage with the act of writing about performance.


Selected participants will view all the performances in the festival program and then deliver their critiques to the artists in a facilitated environment. The focus is on critical discussion conducted in an informal atmosphere of participation and openness.

Supported by the Samil-ro Changgo Theatre