ANIA VAREZ (Venezuela)
2019.07.11-13. Thu-Sat 8pm
16+//80 min//20,000 Won

Guayabo (Venezuelan slang for “heartbreak”) is a grief party: a meeting point to recognise the reality of migration and its hardship, the perseverance and richness of our common losses and the opportunities found in facing grief collectively.


Through story-telling, film and the long-distance exchange of rituals of celebration and grief, people are invited to connect with Ania’s family in Venezuela and with the severe humanitarian crisis they live in, challenging the boundaries of acting and caring for one another, as mediums for survival, transformation and belonging.




Upon arriving at Guayabo, audiences will be required to provide their phone number in order to participate in the event. This work contains graphic descriptions of violence.

Q&A will follow the performance on Friday July 12th 8pm.


Ania Varez is a Venezuelan interdisciplinary artist based in Bristol, UK. Through different mediums such as choreography, text, film and sound, she facilitates opportunities for people to exercise care, choice and attention, looking for new ways of being together and being here.



Performance and concept Ania Varez 

Video production Gabriel Suárez

Lighting and technology consultant Tom Richmond 

Mentoring and outside eye Caroline Williams

Producer Katherine Hall 

Collaborators in Venezuela Rosanna Riccio, Marisa Riccio, Angelo Riccio and Lidia Cammarota

Performance Interpreter Shin Joo Hoon

Text translations Cho Hyejung, Yi Jae Eun

아냐 홈페이지 Visit Ania's website


Slide 1-2 Guido Mencari. SPILL Festival of Performance 2018.

Slide 3 Photo creds© Alastair Brookes / KoLAB Studios / Trinity



Guayabo was first performed at SPILL Festival of Performance, 2018, as part of the SPILL OPEN,

supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

This work is supported by Trinity Community Arts through the IGNiTE Residency Programme,

Bristol Old Vic through the Leverhulme Scholarship 2019 and Arts Council England.